RJN SIU Secures Its 200th Conviction for Insurance Fraud in California

The recent conviction on behalf of a Southern California School District , that included a court ordered $16,408.00 restitution penalty, signified the milestone of our 200th conviction based on a documented investigation referral to the Department of Insurance Fraud Division and/or local District Attorney’s Office. We are very proud of our professional relationship with the fine criminal investigators of these agencies to bring those guilty of insurance fraud to justice. These convictions have been secured in 27 separate County District Attorney offices throughout California.

Our SIU program sends a very strong message of deterrence to your employees. While you will provide the very best medical care and benefits to all your valued employees, you will also investigate and aggressively have those prosecuted who engage in fraudulent activity to take advantage of the workers’ compensation system. This deterrent concept results in significant savings to employers.

Our SIU program brings true documented value to our clients. In just the last 3 years we have secured $560,490.00 in court ordered restitution on behalf of our proactive clients. Our average claimant restitution during this time frame has been $25,476.00.

Surveillance video is an ideal investigative tool to fight fraud. However, if there is no effective follow-up with that evidence, the money spent for the surveillance may not have any real return on your investment. By assigning your next assignment to us, you may not only help mitigate your questionable claim with damaging video evidence but may also maximize your budget with a conviction and restitution when warranted.

Ask us about our free SIU analysis program on all surveillance assignments.

Congratulations to the RJN SIU team!

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