Background Investigations

Effective and admissible research to establish background information on character witnesses and questionable claimants

Detailed, timely, and cost-effective

Leverage RJN’s extensive investigative expertise in subject backgrounds

An expertly conducted RJN background investigation can provide our clients with unique information for the overall defense of a questionable claim or to help establish the character of a claimant, employee, witness, or plaintiff. It can also prove to be invaluable to subsequent subrosa, AOE-COE, or SIU investigations.

RJN background investigations can be conducted prior to or after a deposition to determine validity. They are instrumental in the determination of apportionment by identifying and locating prior injuries, past and present criminal records, domestic violence and restraining orders, traffic accidents, personal injury suits, associations with outside businesses, and medical treatment records.

“Recently Added to RJN Investigations’s Background Research:
Watch List Database Searches covering Terrorist Watch Lists, Global Watch Lists, Global Sanction Lists, Global Foreign Officials Lists, and Global Enforcement Lists”


Features of RJN’s Background services include:

  • Claimant’s AKAs and past addresses
    Property and vehicle ownership histories
  • Social security number verification and secondary number usage
  • Prior auto accidents and personal injury lawsuits
  • Evidence of current and self-employment
  • Existence of internet businesses and online resumes
  • Professional licenses and state and county business licenses
  • Federal and state tax lien data
  • Office of Inspector General Exclusion Database Search
  • California DIR Fraud Prevention Indicted Medical Provider Search
  • Vehicle sighting database search
  • Outside stress factors such as bankruptcies, divorce filings, and judgments
  • Misdemeanor and felony convictions and incarceration history
  • Child support orders, domestic violence reports, and restraining orders
  • Nationwide wants and warrants
  • Prior workers' compensation claims filed with all WCAB locations in California
  • Evidence of self-procured medical treatment, including doctor name and address
  • Dun and Bradstreet business credit reports
  • Social media investigative research