Specialized Investigations

For more than 30 years, our clients have relied on us for unique and urgent investigative needs

Beyond Intelligence Gathering

The following are some examples of investigative services offered by our firm pertaining to specialized investigations

From interviewing a former vendor or employer to compiling a full biographical intelligence report on a given subject, RJN’s conventional and unique investigative techniques will strengthen your position with factual, timely intelligence data.

In today's business environment, information is power. The ultimate goal of our Intelligence Division is to provide our clients with the advanced knowledge required to make effective business decisions or fortify a positive stance in any civil litigation.

Unfortunately, we receive inquiries on a weekly basis from clients who have discovered preliminary evidence suggesting they were the victim of internal or external theft. RJN has developed an emergency response team dedicated to addressing these situations that combines research by undercover investigators with the installation of hidden video equipment.

Our goal in this division is to promptly and effectively identify the source of the theft and file for prosecution when warranted. We then work with our clients to compile a list of qualified security consultants who can advise on their long-term security policies and procedures as well as their investment in security-related equipment.

RJN Investigations consistently applies the latest information-procurement technologies to the cases we have been assigned to investigate. Armed with our investigators’ education, training, and real-world experience, our Technical Investigative Division offers considerable resources for our clients. If your situation demands the collection of sensitive data on subjects or business entities, RJN is your discreet and professional partner.

We specialize in identifying information sources and security threats through technology, including:

  • Threatening email and voicemail traces
  • Spyware detection and anti-spyware software installation
  • Hidden video detection and countermeasures
  • Internal network system security and retrieval of lost data