Workplace Investigation Services

Allegations of misconduct and complaints within the workplace can place an employer in a highly vulnerable position. RJN’s Workplace Investigations Services provide employers with an effective tool to make informed employment decisions through a prompt, impartial and thorough investigative process.

Your single source for dispute resolution and compliance

RJN provides specialized investigations into complex workplace-related conflicts and complaints, as well as compliance auditing and training for related risk mitigation

RJN Investigations specializes in public entity workplace investigations covering a wide range of disputes and potential crimes. We also provide in-house training designed to achieve or maintain compliance with a variety of state/federal workplace regulations, and to decrease future such claims via ongoing education. In addition to workplace investigation, this service is designed to minimize the overall liability exposure of our clients.

RJN assists our public entity clients who are required to investigate discrimination, harassment, and other confidential and complex workplace complaints filed by or against their employees. Upon completion of our research, a detailed report is provided to legal counsel and/or Human Resources for appropriate action. To maximize the benefits of our investigative findings and to aid in the successful mitigation of a case, our investigators offer extensive experience testifying in Superior Court, administrative hearings, and deposition settings.


RJN has direct experience investigating workplace complaints involving:

  • Discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Retaliation
  • Workers' compensation
  • Failure to report/investigate
  • Favoritism, nepotism
  • Misconduct, theft, and fraud
  • Improper hiring/promotion
  • Hostile work environment
  • 3rd person bystander harassment
  • Whistleblowing

RJN is registered with the California Department of Insurance as an approved compliance vendor. Our training seminars are interactive and designed to provide high-quality training with an energetic presentation. Each of our Workplace Training Instructors has over 20 years' experience and multiple qualifications.