Social Network Investigations

Leading-edge tools for investigating the $80 billion fraud problem

Finding the truth

Investigations into a claimant's social media content have come to play an extremely important role for insurance professionals.

Social media is an invaluable investigative tool. A vast amount of evidence pertaining to suspect claims is available through videos, photos, and text posted online by the subject and/or friends and family. By carefully analyzing posts made just prior to and after a claimed date of injury, our specialized research staff can reveal evidence critical to the overall defense of the claim.

This can include evidence depicting the subject engaged in an activity that contradicts his/her claimed condition, locations where the subject has been, the subject's vehicle or recreational toys, and self-employment activities. Countless successful SIU prosecutions have resulted primarily from evidence secured during a social network investigation, and therefore starting your investigation here can help minimize costs before resorting to surveillance.

“Social network intelligence gathering uncovers useful data for more than just investigating fraud. The information also proves crucial if you are completing an asset investigation, due diligence, or a background investigation. Investigation into a claimant's social media content has come to play an important role for insurance professionals.”

Our Social Network Services Include:

  • Our trained investigators provide admissible evidence by analyzing the subject’s behaviors online
  • The claimant’s physical and financial condition can be found to confirm or refute the claim
  • These investigations are performed by Certified Social Media Intelligence Analysts
  • We can also identify future activities or events the subject will attend, providing high-value surveillance opportunities