Medical/Pharmacy Canvass

Research to establish the veracity of illness or injury claims to Workers’ Compensation.

Establishing the Facts

RJN’s Medical/Pharmacy Canvass service helps determine whether the reported injuries occurred outside the course of employment

A Medical/Pharmacy Canvass is research to detect pre-existing illnesses or injuries relating to Workers’ Compensation claims. Through investigative techniques, RJN can identify hospitals, specific primary care physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors and diagnostic centers. Where our pharmacy search will identify the pharmacy, medication, dates and name of the proscribing physician. On litigated claims and upon approval, our office can then promptly prepare and serve WCAB subpoenas on the identified record-holding locations.

This service provides an accurate account of where information will be available in reference to previous injuries or illnesses and can help determine if the Claimant received medical treatment prior to the date of loss. It can verify the alleged injuries are not those for which the Claimant previously sought treatment, and help to assess whether the reported injuries occurred outside the course of employment.